Year Walk was a game that did something for me that a game hadn’t done in a long time.

It sucked me into it’s story.

Horror fanatics, if you haven’t got your hands on this title, stop slacking off and get on this game.

I first played Year Walk on Mobile iOS, The Swedish Folk-Horror title caused me to look into the background of the story; and through the Year Walk Compendium that was Free to download on the Apple App store I was able to look deeper into the game without having to actually play the game first.

Having read the compendium merely gave me a glimpse into the game, nothing was spoiled.

I was under a spell.

In this game you will head out into the woods down a path to encounter creatures of Swedish folklore to confront the church grim for a glimpse of the future of others and yourself. Oddly enough the Mobile version of the game has very little difference, however, there is a few mechanical differences in how your solve some of the puzzles and honestly, this game is for the abstract mind.

The puzzles are presented to you in the game unlike any other game, reinventing and raising the bar of mobile gaming. The art, history, and research put into this game shows vividly to those willing to see it. I loved this game so much that I purchased both the mobile and PC versions just to be able to play it on both platforms.

Norwegian and Swedish Folklore has some of the most scary Folktales in all the world, right along side Russia and Spain. These places have such terrifying tales of old that I want more games based on these tales.

Year Walk gives us a taste of that Folk-Horror done right and hands down, one of the best mobile games I have ever played.

It delivered a majestic and horrific story of a boy in love, a girl with a choice to make, and the woods that hold horrors to overcome which plays out much like a story book. My only complaint is that it was too short and, oh, how I wish there was more.

Developer: Simogo

Genre: Mobile/Puzzle-Platformer/Swedish Folk-Horror

Platform: PC, iOS

Year Walk on Steam

Year Walk on the App Store