One thing that seems to be effervescing to the surface in the gaming industry is the toxicity of gaming communities. I thought I’d give my perspective on the matter.Competitive games have bred some of the most visceral and hateful dens of gamers I’ve had the displeasure of being on the receiving end of.

Games like CS:GO , LoL, and CoD, show us the professional communities behavior towards one another, can get heated, but at the end of it all, they respect one another. While in the lower rung of players, harassment is rampant.

A True gamer is a subjective term and being an asshole doesn’t make you more or less of a gamer, but it still makes you an asshole. Competitive at their core, are the kind of games I keep at a distance, for I walk away from them hurt, mentally violated, and nauseated from the things complete strangers say. The age of common courtesy and common sense are long dead to the masses.

Some of us have been beaten down enough and don’t play video games to get beat on. Some of us have nothing left to beat down. Still… I do not blame the games themselves. This behavior has leaked from elsewhere, gaming never used to be this way until online gaming took hold. So what’s the problem?

I believe, in short, the problem is this;

-Parents not teaching their children morals or values
-The definition of respect has changed
-Anonymity fosters a lack of responsibility
Bystanders Laugh or do nothing

This isn’t a gaming issue; this is a new generation of humankind issue.

It’s bigger than gaming. It’s infectious behavior and the only thing that can be done is to find our like-minded ilk and hold on. It’s not games, twitch, or the internet, it is the people using these platforms. I wouldn’t be able to stream on twitch without Cranky’s community there to protect me from the harassment that is absolutely inevitable on the world wide web.

“It’s not games, twitch, or the internet, it is the people using these platforms.”

On a daily basis, I thank the gods that I have found a community that fosters opinionated, yet loving people who are passionate about gaming. Those who encourage me to be myself and remind me that they will banish this behavior from my twitch channel, and in turn, relegating it from my life all together.

For as toxic as things become, somewhere else in your life the scale has evened out, and that balance is waiting for you.

The fact that it happens, wounds me, yet without that suffering, I wouldn’t know the people who truly matter, actually care for me and actually exist. Without the trolling, torment, and all the bad things in this world, I wouldn’t know Cranky’s community, be protected by them, or have been accepted by them.

Without it… I wouldn’t know that I was stronger than it.