When talking about gaming people often think of video games like Mario, Halo, and many of the like. I do as well, but beyond that, there are games like Cards Against Humanity, Dungeons and Dragons, and even Risk, that bring a group of people together for a round of fun times and socalizing. Sharing a moment, a story, and a memory–that is what is at the core of gaming and this is what gaming means to me.

Video games are the storytelling medium of the future. They are an art form that not only has the power to tell a story, but allows the audience a chance to experience storytelling for themselves. Take the visuals of a movie or the scripting of a well written book, combine this with the interactivity of games, and you have something special.

With so many titles out there, and thus so many stories, you are never without a new journey and a new story of your own. The unique nature of games, allowing you, the player, to experience the story for yourself, forms a new story of your own and a memory that is also your own.

When my best friend and I completed Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation, we both experienced the story uniquely and had a wide range of emotions by the end, but our individual experiences of the game were different. Although my friend had a different view on the game, both of our stories were true for us.

It is when we all come together as gamers that we get to share our stories with each other. The story of how you took down an entire army on your own in Dynasty Warriors, or when you finally passed that super hard level in Super Meat Boy, or even the epic showdown you had with your friend in Mortal Kombat.

Storytelling has been embedded in gaming from the beginning; therefore, it’s the journey, and the story created at the end, that gives gaming a sense of social connectivity.

Video games can provide vast entertainment and also a healthy place to explore, away from some of the troubles of everyday life.  They can relate stories of a moment in time, as well as bring awareness to new, or even bad, ideas. They can frighten us, make us happy, and sad.  They also can educate, help develop hand-eye coordination, and even raise confidence levels.

This is truly a great time to be a gamer. The selection of video games available is greater than ever, and the growing amount of people who play video games is giving table top games a shot, thus bringing additional groups together and forming ever increasing bonds amongst players.

Gaming is a wonderful hobby, or profession, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. Game on, and share your stories, for they are stories only you can tell.

– Jeitoh