When I was much younger and spent time reading my mother’s collection of Mother Earth News magazines I often thought how cool it would be to actually build some of the homes that they would showcase.

Those days may be long gone but I have to admit that I would still love to be able to do that, or follow the example of Connecticut-based carpenter Dave Herrle who in the spring of 2013 finished building his idea of those type of dreams.

Shortly after that Herrle and his fiance (now his wife) moved into their home that they call Wee House which is a two-story 11 by 14 square foot home that is built on top of a platform which is held in place by the trees around it.

In building this home Herrle used salvaged wood from various job sites as well as reclaimed windows. The kitchen and living room areas are on the ground floor and the bedroom is in the loft area that is accessible by a ladder.

Herrle says that his home cost under $4,000 and was built without the use of any electricity.

Talk about living the dream eh.

And here the proud owners of this little slice of heaven.

This $4,000 Home Is A Slice Of Heaven

via My Modern Met