The Weaponographist is brought to us by Puuba, a small indie team with a lot to offer.  With full creative control Puuba has given us a fast paced, Roguelike, arena combat game that is up there with Zelda, Binding of Isaac, and Smash TV.  Find out more about Puuba with The Interview done by Cranky.

In The Weaponographist you play as Doug Mcgrave, a famous demon hunter for hire that had all the best stuff, and is a complete dick.  For refusing to help a demon infested town you are cursed, all your powers, gear, and wealth, gone.  To get all of it back you will have to overcome some of the most intense and insanely fun dungeons using only what you pick up.


This game is a Roguelike in the sense that when you die that it.  At least this title is forgiving with adding check points and other persistent upgrades.

After each death you will find yourself back in town, where you can purchase better damage on weapons that you find, as well as things like having your combo meter drain slower.

The Weaponographist is a dungeon crawler, arena combat game like Binding of Isaac, but with a great twist.

You have no items, and even the weapons you pick up degrade in your hands.  This is the key mechanic to the game, forcing you to always be picking up new weapons.

Mixed in with this is the combo meter, keeping you wanting to kill more and more, at a faster pace.

weapon1Game play and controls are great.  The fast pace that the game sets seems just hard enough as to keep it challenging, but never enough to discourage you from trying again, maybe with some more upgrades.

As for the controls, they are good and I would recommend  using a controller for it.

The only two issues with the controller are that you must have it plugged in before you start the game.  The other is that the controls feel a little “floaty”, almost as if you were on just a bit of ice.  It does take a little getting use to, but when you do, you feel like a champ.

weapon trexThe art and humor is amazing in this game, and instantly had me hooked.

The amount of care that went in The Weaponographist shows in every aspect of the game.  I can say without a doubt that if you enjoy games like The Binding of Isaac, then this game is a must have.

In closing, a great time at a more then fare price.

Also three words, T-Rex with cannons!

Final Verdict – Highly recommend