The WANDERERS Short Film Is A Beautiful – And Wishful – Future Documentary


I first started seeing this short film called Wanderers hitting the web at some point last week; but it got lost in the shuffle of craziness that was happening here during that time, and I just got around to watching it today.

My first impression when watching WANDERERS by Erik Wernquist; besides how beautiful it was, is that it would be so awesome if this was a future documentary about man travelling through the universe and finding new worlds to settle.

Unfortunately it isn’t, but that certainly doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to watch, which it is; or the rave reviews it has been getting – which it most assuredly deserves.

In fact the response has been so huge and good it has prompted Wernquist to add this to the short film’s Vimeo page:

UPDATE: I don’t know what to say, except thank you! And thank you again! For this fantastic and absolutely overwhelming response to this little film. Please excuse me for not being able to reply to you all in person, but I assure you that I read every word you write, and what you say warms my heart more than I can ever describe. Making this film has been a work of passion, and it is such an invaluable reward to see that it is received with the same kind love, energy and optimism that was put into it. I know I speak for Caj, Cristian, Mikael, Hanna and everyone involved.
This flood of love and appreciation right here will forever be a reminder to me, that the world is full of people who share hopes and dreams of a grand future for humanity – be it here on Earth or on other worlds.

I still wish this was a future documentary that we have been lucky enough to see.