With a new patch around the corner, I want to take some time to talk about Terraria. Not just about the game play, or the classic retro graphics, I also want to showcase the great support they have shown the community.

Lets go back to the start when Terraria was first released.

I found out about Terraria, thanks to Total Biscuit and Jesse Cox, with a hilarious play through that they did. I very quickly picked up a four pack on steam for $20, handing out the extra copies to friends to play with me.

I fell in love with the game from the first time I loaded it up and proceeded to sink more hours than I care to admit into it. Even after we had made the best gear in the game, it became a building game much like Minecraft.  

I felt like I had been given a full game for my money. So it was to my surprise when I found out that they were releasing a patch that would add a hard mode and doubling the amount of content in the game.

How much was this DLC you might ask?

It was free. I was blown away.

After every company going down the paid DLC, it was a breath of fresh air when this patch dropped. Later on I heard rumor that they were working on a second large patch that would add new bosses and new biomes as well as many new craftable items.

Low and behold, it was true and the second free patch was released almost doubling again the already large game. Since then they have released 3 new bosses, many more craftables, and another large patch was around the corner.

I think that this is some of the best support of a title that I have seen in a long time. The sheer amount of content that they have released for free is astounding and should be applauded, and all of this from an Indie developer.


With Triple A games being made as a DLC platform and no longer a complete experience, it is no wonder people are looking at Indie games as providing more for their money, but more on that next week.

Just remember, for every game out there that is shallow and nothing but a cash grab, there is one with a developer that will show the game the same love and respect that we have all come to have in our hobby. To those developers I say thank you, and to you in the community, thanks for giving everything and more to this amazing pastime.