It always amazes me how cosplayers are able to bring an intangible idea about a fictional character and bring it to life. Whether it be a beautifully made period dress to amazing metal work of nightmare monsters cosplayers are constantly improving their craft.

Having followed the cosplay genre for quite a while I always wondered what the pros in the entertainment field thought of these cosplay masterpieces and now thanks to Cosplay Boom we get to hear what the master designers at the industry leading company WETA think about the creations that can often equal anything the pros come up with.

As well here are some more awesome cosplays I have found over the past week.

Storm cosplay by: Wolfiebitme – Photo by: unknown

Wonder Woman cosplay by: vertvixen – Photo by: unknown

Batgirl cosplay by: EmberPhantom – Photo by: Shannon Vetack Photography

Harlock cosplay by: Faeryx13 / Yama cosplay by: ILairi – Photo by: Adelhaid

Lady Magneto cosplay by: Lady Annaka – Photo by: SuperHero Photos

Deadpool cosplay by: christmastimeheckya – Photo by: unknown

Domino cosplay by: Misdreavus M Cosplay – Photo by: David Love

DC Bombshells cosplay – Photo by: Jaycee Estrella

Solidus Snake cosplay by: Angelus – Photo by: Operation P*and*C

Princess of Tamaran cosplay by: PureLightCosplay – Photo by: Shannon

Tyrande Whisperwind cosplay by: Akishuna – Photo by: Narcissus Photography

Philippa Eihart cosplay by: Issabel Cosplay – Photo by: MLC foto