The hard part of making it through a work week has to be Wednesday, otherwise known as the famous “Hump Day” (no not that kind of hump you dirty-minded person), so I figured what better way to try and help you over that hump than with a good dose of awesomeness.

From incredible video of Yves “Jetman” Rossy jetting across the sands of Dubai to some other crazy daredevils doing shit that any sane person wouldn’t dream of along with some other pretty awesome videos mixed in.

So grab that morning coffee and let’s get the awesome rolling.

Don’t Mess With Gaston
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Now That’s Some Finger-pickin’
Ready … Aim ….. Fire!
And In Other Musical Awesomeness … Pink Floyd by Tina S
Hang On To That Cup Of Coffee ‘Cause We’re Goin’ Down
OMG .. Why??? Seriously … Why Would You Do This?
And Then There Is Red Bull Air Force