I just got word through Star Command’s Facebook page, that they got accepted through Steam’s Greenlight program today!

For those of you who have not heard of Star Command , it is a Star Trek-esque strategy/starship simulator mobile game where you are the Captain of your very own Starship.  Star Command Galaxies is actually a sequel for the mobile game, instead of a direct port.  Star Command was also a Kickstarter game

The mobile game was launched as a Kickstarter in November of 2011, and hit $36,967 of their $20,000 goal, thus successfully funding the game which launched May 2, 2013.  Star Command Galaxies was Part 2 of their Kickstarter campaign, which also successfully funded $151,806 of their $100,000 goal

Where Star Command Galaxies advances beyond the mobile game, is more of a sandbox experience (instead of somewhat linear), ship building and as the game trailer suggests, away missions to say the least.  So far, it looks to be a great game for the strategy/tactical game enthusiast, and a must check out for any Star Trek fan as well.

You can check out Star Command Galaxies at their website, http://www.starcommandgalaxies.com/

Also, if you’re interested in checking out Star Command on mobile, you can find it on Google Play here or on iOS here