First off I would like to take a moment to apologize to the Great Mel Brooks for appropriating the subtitle of the illustrious Spaceballs 2. That said, I do think even Yogurt would be impressed that he was outdone on moichendizin’.

The Disclaimers

Secondly, a few disclaimers and disclosures because dear god the shit storm drama that infest this particular topic demands it.

While I am a staff writer for CrankyGamers, the opinions and thoughts contained herein do not necessarily reflect the views of CrankyGamers or other Staff. These are purely my own thoughts and opinions on the fiasco that surround Star Citizen.

This is not a journalistic coverage of the project, nor should it be viewed as anything other than one gamer’s opinion regarding Star Citizen and the drama around it. It is not polite. I do not expect many to be happy with my opinion, nor do you have to agree with it. However, it is just that, my opinion.

Concerning Derek Smart.

Yes, it does seem that I have to put in a Derek Smart disclaimer now because anything negative about Star Citizen these days is immediately dismissed as a mouthpiece for Derek Smart.

Yes, Derek Smart is on my Facebook friend’s list. How do I know him and it came to be that we’re friends on Facebook? Simple, the developer of a game I’ve played since my Senior year in High School happens to be friends with him on Facebook and sometimes this friend would comment on Smart’s posts. I happened to comment on one of the Star Citizen ones one day.

Yes, it does seem that I have to put in a Derek Smart disclaimer now because anything negative about Star Citizen these days is immediately dismissed as a mouthpiece for Derek Smart.
Yes, I happen to share the same opinions of the game as Derek Smart. Am I his mouthpiece? Hell no.

My opinion was formed well before I knew who Smart was, other than some asshole who supports GamerGate, that keeps popping up on my feed because a friend keeps commenting on his posts.

When the news broke about Derek’s critical view of Star Citizen and subsequent expulsion from the Star Citizen Community, I still didn’t realize who he was. I would say it was a good two weeks into this maelstrom before I realized we had a common friend on Facebook.

And lastly, we will wrap up this ridiculously long disclaimer and disclosure segment with the fact that I am not a backer of Star Citizen. I have played the game for a few hours during a one week free trial obtained from one of those codes from a Con. I have no investment into this project. I was using that week to evaluate if I wanted Star Citizen or Elite: Dangerous first.

Now then, with all of those disclaimers and crap out of the way, let’s dig into my thoughts on the Star Citizen project and the maelstrom of drama that surrounds it. First I’ll express my thoughts on the project itself, then I will turn to the insanity and cat fighting going on across cyberspace regarding the project.

The Positive

I will start with the positive things I have to say about it. Star Citizen is incredibly beautiful to the eye. There are multitudes of tiny details that can leave you quite impressed and pull you in.

That ship destruction? Utterly amazing and quite deliciously satisfying to that part of me that likes to see thing blow up. If the project’s pieces can be pulled into a cohesive game that plays nice together, it’ll be great… assuming it actually works.

Yes playing nice together and actually working are two separate things in my book.

I want it to succeed. I want it to be a bloody amazing game. I remember many hours spent trying to play the Wing Commander games. I say trying to play simply because I knew little about it other than go blow shit up, and I was terrible at it. It was a lot fun even then. I want to see the game be a success if only because we need more good space sims.

Reality’s Brass Tacks

Unfortunately, that’s about all the good I can say about it. So much about the project leaves an utterly sour taste in my mouth. I suppose I shall start with my short live hands on experience with the game earlier this year.

At this time all that was available was the Hangar and Arena Commander modules and even then the disk space requirements were 100GB.

Wait, what? Did I read that right? Surely I was mistaken and it was not 100GB for two modules! This was nearly twice the space required for even the largest AAA release at the time and there wasn’t even a completed game. That 100GB was for two Alpha phase demos.

The full game, I recall reading a comment that it could take upwards of 1TB to install the whole game upon full release. Seriously? What the ever loving hell?

It has been pointed out to me that the install is around 25GB with a potential final size of around 100GB. I will fully admit I could have mixed things up as it was the beginning of the year when I gave the free week a shot. I remember ranting about the 100GB size, so that’s what stuck in my mind.

Considering how much of the world is on a metered net connection how are these people going to acquire your game? You certainly do not want anyone on dial-up to experience your game. This is the biggest “Fuck You” to those on anything less than the best net connections I’ve ever seen.

This is the biggest “Fuck You” to those on anything less than the best net connections I’ve ever seen.
The sheer incredulous size of the disk requirements aside, let’s discuss the performance. Even in the Hangar I could barely do anything. Every few steps the thing would freeze and get jumpy a bit. My cpu and memory are more than up to the task. Sure, my graphics card is a little dated (eVGA 670 FTW), but that shouldn’t have ran so poorly even on minimum graphics.

The ship looked neat sitting in the Hangar, but that’s about all I can say about it. This little segment is pretty much a bloated waste of space, especially considering that it was released to tide backers over until Arena Commander could come out. A little peace offering to show see, there’s a ship so it means you’ll be able to fly it later.

Arena Commander is where things were a bit better. This is the first place I could say that it was visually impressive. It is veritable porn for the artistic eye. But again, it stops there. The controls were noticeably meant for keyboard and mouse to take advantage of the acute precision of those peripherals as the basic mechanics of the flight left it playing out like a full on FPS.

I don’t have a nice HOTAS setup sadly, but I do use a console controller. I couldn’t even get the demo to accept me trying to switch to controller to see how that felt. The flight just felt… nasty. I get so frustrated with it I just devolved into do the one thing that was fun in there, making myself redout and blackout.

Needless to say, my one week with Star Citizen was extremely disappointing considering all the hype my friends wove around it. I could see that the potential was there, but it was like watching a batter whiff on the most perfect pitch they had ever received.

I now knew what was being offered, and as I thought about things and how this project was growing, I grew sick to my stomach. I looked at Elite: Dangerous and what it offered and I was just utterly taken aback by what was before me.


  1. Hoho, well said indeed. I almost feel we’re not too different, you and I (I’m just more dashing). I apologize in advance for the length of this.

    “…every negative view of the project written off as another sock-puppet of DS”
    When you said this, I chuckled because I’m guilty of it too (It’s true!). I think though that It’s difficult not to, because if you follow the deranged parade of DS and those involved closely with him, it’s obvious that they’ve attacked SC at many different angles. Meaning if one guy says something like “I don’t think CR’s response was responsible nor warranted in reference to the escapist” it has probably been said by DS or one of his cronies. So now when anyone says anything bad about SC, we all go “Derek Smart? WHERE?!” (Our poor battered brains).

    I agree with your second point, though with some changes to the situation. The part you wrote in this blog is great. Investigator, chosen by neutral party (or agreed to by both assenting / dissenting parties) doing the checks. Verifying there was no embezzlement / fraud. With NO ACCESS to the works by either party (rule in place for DS, obviously). Unfortunately(though I doubt I have to say this to you at all) where your and my bias is fairly leashed and kept in check, DS lost sight of his many years ago. He would scrape and scrounge and make issue of anything regardless of whether it followed a norm or pattern compared to fair business (what’s acceptable practise). I like this idea of yours a lot. Still, I very much doubt something like this would ever take place. CIG have ZERO respect for DS. No cookies for him.

    As to your point about the week play of SC, it’s hard to disagree with that. I’m not saying your opinion is true (some do enjoy the modules and play frequently), but to many of us it’s just too confining … too raw … and admittedly difficult. As you described your “fun” with the hotas, I was reminiscing about smashing into rocks and firing 100 salvos of lasers before 1 or 2 hits (My skills needed work). However, I’ve seen what the game is capable of. The maneuverability of the ships and the tricks you can pull with them is awesome. Meaning (the way I see it) it’s similar to many other difficult games I’ve played. Difficult and frustrating and time consuming at first … but once you get the hang of it, you feel like an artist.

    That being said, saying “Hey, you didn’t play enough to learn to enjoy it, and that makes it all fine and dandy!” is untrue. This is where I find it hard to disagree. Hardcore games are great and all, but limiting your playerbase by a major feature is gaming suicide (except in extreme cases. I’m looking at you, Tom Clancy!), but perhaps I’m insinuating that though yes the experience is not new user friendly, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for many. Oh and, almost forgot, here’s the obvious rebuttal list. “It’s in alpha” “controls are being balanced” “EL TEE PEE!!!!one!!!”
    I also partially agree with your ship selling point. Selling a ship that doesn’t exist yet sucks. In the beginning, we only had the hornet. Then as the months went on, ship after ship after ship was plugged into the hangar. We didn’t have to wait long (it was a much faster pace than current release) for these ships to become flyable either. Now though (and CIG have explained this many times with SQ42 and its content taking precedent), we see very little to that effect. They are in the process of integrating new technologies onto the older versions (standard in 90% of game development), so they have many reasons. It sucks though. The part where I disagree is the fact they’re selling them before we can even marvel at them in our hangar. As I pointed out earlier, this is their marketing strategy. It’s hard to argue how they could otherwise have increased funding without selling something “tangible”. Just as when the game first went forward, all they had were pictures. They needed the funding to continue, so it makes sense (again, to me) that the direction of their sales would go that way.

    The amounts of these ships? Yeah. They’re fairly expensive (fairly rhymes with verily), and there’s no argument here that their reasoning for it wasn’t something more than just “They’ll pay these prices, so that’s how we’ll set these prices”. It worked though, and we’re willing to pay. It’s hard to argue that it was unfair when it’s not forced to enjoy the game. They write a similar disclaimer in many places where purchasing is involved. “If you don’t want to pay that, then don’t” is a pretty good argument here IMO. Sure it’s high, but if it allowed them to be at the pinnacle of crowd funding, I guess there’s nothing we should be (us backers) complaining about. I don’t know. I guess we just have different view points on the subject. It’s a shame though (to me) because I would gladly wish this feeling of excitement on anyone else (except for DS; he doesn’t deserve any cake).

    What keeps me going as a supporter and not a dissenter. You didn’t ask this, but I feel it necessary to say so anyway. You’re probably curious(at least in some fashion). I remember in the beginning of this, DS had to edit A LOT of content in his blogs and delete A LOT of twitter posts (He still does the twitter thing, but that’s because he’s incapable of filtering himself under 140 characters. Personal jab, BWAHAHAH). This is indicative of someone without proper direction, meaning I think it was just verbal vomit (anything derrogatory he could think of, out it went). He’s since gotten much better at censoring himself and sticking to his script as he’s learned which topics work and which do not. He started out with nothing but It was inevitable (the guy spends most of his time doing this now) that he would find a handhold somewhere. No company is perfect. This says one blaring thing to me that keeps me solid as a rock though. He may be right about some stuff, but most of it is literally just reaching … so I have no problems plugging my ears to the “facts” he spews and saying “LA LA LAAA LALALALA LAAAAAAAAA!” until I see some concrete evidence.

    Thanks for the compliments, thanks for the thoughtful conversation, and I wish you the best in your endevors (even if it means trying to undermine CIG for some answers). Having different views isn’t a bad thing at all. Life would be boring if we were all the same. 😉
    Cheers, and many kudos right back atcha!
    P.S Cranky, your username is awesome

    • Yup and honestly, even if it was negative, you guys did need something that wasn’t tied to the same source. I’ll fully admit this whole thing is a mass of finger pointing. Someone come out and shut everyone up once and for all no matter which way it lands. At the end of the day, I’d like to see something concrete.

      And yup, again, I’ll agree a week is not much time. And yeah, I exaggerated a bit about the red out and black out thing, even though it was fun. A lot of that was just seeing what I could do and what it took to make it happen. The other time was spent trying to flay as close to an asteroid I could and orbit it in as tight a manner as I could. Satisfying, but I had to do it with my mouse. Dammit I really want a HOTAS >.>

      I fully applaud CIG for being able to actually sell those ship to people. Brilliant marketing. But if they could perhaps oh.. gimme a scale model of that ship to setup in my house, I’d be ridiculously tempted.. my disgust for the practice be damned lol. Gimme *something* to play with 😀 I was even moderately okay with them at least being in the hangar as they at least obviously existed.

      I’m actually looking at trying to do another article that more positive for things. Basically take questions from the small community we have around the show and try to find some measure of answers and provide a chance to sway opinions. Can’t guarantee fully free of bias as that’s just not possible, but will do my damnedest to give a fair article. Pretty much a thank you t all of you who have spoken to me about this article and have been totally polite 🙂

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    [Editor note] this moderation delay has been adjusted but any trollish posts will be removed so remember be respectful

  3. Personally, I want this game to fail. It’s about time that people learnt the hard way to think about where they put their money. It may also force Kickstarter to implement rules to protect donators.

    • Huh?

      You want a game to fail (that had such want for its existence almost 800,000 people threw 90 million at it) just to teach them a lesson about where they put their money?

      These people are trying to pursue their dreams. I hardly warrant that as being irresponsible. It falls more along the lines of how dedicated they are to the vision that’s been created by CR and crew.

      You’re one special cookie, and not the good kind of special. 🙁

      • For myself, I feel bad for those who have invested so much money into it. Things, from where i stand, look very rocky for the project and it does seem to hang on a precipice. Despite my negative look on the project I *really* don’t want to see it fail. It will be a devastating blow, and one that I think the gaming industry, much less the Kickstarter community for games, can bear.

        I’ll even flat out state that if it wasn’t for the constant selling of new pieces of promised art, I likely would have gone ahead and bought into the project at the basic level. If what has been promised can be delivered, and it actually work, it will be a fantastic thing.

        However, as I’m sure is clear in my article, I can’t support the practice of selling new ships that don’t even exist yet. If they were being sold as they were made available or within a update or two and I could use it in Arena Commander, i’d be much more lenient. However.. the price tag of those ships will always make me laugh, shake my head, and well.. sneer.

        • Hah! Well, I was going to make a general reply for your article, but your response was so interesting I’ll just reply to you directly instead.

          Great read! There is obviously some biased opinion involved, but when isn’t there? I would be a hypocrite if I claimed this response won’t be biased. Other than that point though, I’m hard pressed to find errors in your logic minus perhaps what seems like unfamiliarity with the project in some key areas.

          Moving on to your reply, I disagree with your first point vehemently. Really this boils down to actual accountability vs what they may or may not do with the present situation. Meaning, right now they haven’t had the FBI / FTC or other general law enforcers after their butts. They are generally where problems begin (authority gets involved). And until that time, thus far we only have opinions and conjecture ..
          and whatever you call DS (ravening fanatical crazy hobo come to mind as adjectives). Even with the excessive drama lately, those in the vocally negative camp are still by far a minority.
          Also I’d like to point out that in large the vocal supporters have quite a bit of immunity to all of this mess. Just as the person I responded to already said, those invested in the game are fanatical in their devotion in many ways (myself included). We don’t want to disbelieve, and so thus far most of us haven’t fallen for it.
          It doesn’t help the naysayers cause either that the self appointed main antagonist of this mess is the least creditable source of information known to internet mankind. Not only does he have a past involved in lies and hypocrisy, but already many of his points thus far have been proven as such. The FTC / FBI “investigation”, retractions of statements made previously, arguing semantics of english “I didn’t mean it THAT way, it’s not MY fault you misinterpreted me!” or just the outright trolling rampant everywhere he goes. It really hurts the cause against SC (which is fine by me, keep on truckin’ DS!)

          Your second point I also disagree with, for (to me) two obvious reasons.
          1) That’s how they make their money, and
          2) If they didn’t sell em, we’d demand em.
          The forums and other social outlets like reddit / video comments / etc are full of people wanting ships. Their marketing strategy was brilliant, but just in that these ships were limited quantity / limited sale time makes people really eager to spend. If SC didn’t allow us to buy ships, we would be throwing our poop everywhere and screaming at the top of our lungs for “MOOOOAR”.
          Sure, the reasoning behind it is silly (given that all ships will be available in the PU), but there is definitely nothing forced down our throats when it comes to sales.
          I’m curious as to how you would have gone with the marketing, with the scope of the game as is (we asked for it to be this big)? A lot of people talk about how SC is doing it wrong, but from their success and the hundreds of thousands of loyal fans before a game is even fully pieced together, I’m wondering how anyone else could do better?

          (didn’t edit, sorry if some of it sounds like garbled engrish … multi-tasking at the moment, as for some reason my time is important today …)

          • I just want to butt in here for a second to thank you for an extremely level-headed response, and regardless of your multi-tasking (and whose time isn’t important eh 🙂 )you provided a good counter-point to Kerrida’s opinion.

          • Yup, I fully admit it is a bias piece. That is why I explicitly, and repeatedly, stated that this was utterly my own opinion and not in any ways a journalistic piece. Truth be told, I wrote it, in part, because I was tired of seeing every negative view of the project be written off as another sock-puppet of DS. We can share his opinion, wholly independent of each other.

            That said, awesome response 🙂 And thank you greatly for being civil about it.

            I will agree, all any of us have is conjecture. There may not be anything wrong with the state of Star Citizen, and I truly hope this is the case. It just, as it stands, leave me very nervous. With everything going on (the articles) I could see some government types sticking their nose in, and that will be when things truly get scary. Also, yup, the ones screaming online generally are the minority. I honestly wish CIG would take DS up on his offer (though I’d still suggest something like I suggested). If things are good, they’ve pretty much made the dissenters have to STFU and for those that dislike DS, well they get to cheer as there’ll be nothing to even claim to stand on. If there is something wrong.. then.. well… fuck.

            I will even admit, I vehemently disagreed with Cranky when we first started discussing Star Citizen. I was right there ready to defend it and wave my flag in its honour alongside Elite: Dangerous. After my week with it, I had a sour taste, and just watching more stuff be sold for it with no real deliveries turned me off.

            I utterly understand being invested into a project, and striving to keep up hope. I backed a TableTop RPG over two years ago that will be two years behind delivery. Not to mention, a rather pitiful lack of quality updates. Despite that and the screaming from others, I quietly wait and hold out for hope. And it might actually pay off in the next few months!

            My number one issue with Star Citizen is those bloody ships. Selling them, I’ve no issue with. Selling them with no delivered game, okay, annoying, but I can see that. Selling them before I can use it even in the alpha stuff? That is where I have to draw a line. If you are going to sell it, at least let me fly it and play with it in a limited space!

            Okay, so that may a bit of a tantrum, but dammit if I’m buying a space ship i wanna fly it! Spaceships are awesome and we all dream of flying them. But if that one little aspect were changed to not sell them until they were nearly ready to be played with, I would cease being so derisive and actually be extremely tempted to throw in to support the project. I just can’t support that practice.

            The price of those ships.. erm… yeah.. that makes me more than a little sick to my stomach. That’s some of the most expensive DLC/Micro-Transactions I’ve ever seen lol.

            Fans are rabid. They want their cool shit. I’ve been there with games too, lol. As I’ve said, SC is *pretty* and yeah it makes me drool. I like what is proposed. I can’t blame anyone for being excited about it, because it just sounds and looks damn cool.

            I just have serious doubts about the state of it and disapprove of some of the monetization choices. That and I genuinely fear for what will happen if this does crash and burn.

            All that said, thank you again for the civil discourse. I’d been braced for the “OMFG DIE YOU BITCH” sort of comments. So far nice, civil, and fun 🙂

            I’ll end this comment with this address to the gaming industry: Make more space sims, momma needs more stuff to blow up!

            Edit: Wanted to add something I said to Cranky just now in regards to Materix. This is how you defend a project you love and believe in. Many kudos to ya Materix.

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