I really feel sorry for the people who jumped on the early Kickstarter funding for Chris Robert’s STAR CITIZEN, funding which continues to this day on the game’s website. I have written in the past about my feelings on this funding, including calling it nothing more than a ponzi scheme, and how this game is becoming the biggest case of vaporware in gaming history.

Now we are getting news from the horse’s mouth that once again STAR CITIZEN, or at least the dogfighting module, is not going to release on a previously announced date.

Well color me surprised but after yesterday’s announcement that as a result of a go/no-go meeting Robert’s has pushed back the release date once again; but with no actual date given as to when people who helped fund the game; some to the tune of thousands of dollars, could expect to be able to play this much hyped game.

Here is the list of reasons given for the delay:


  • Vanduul Swarm – Display drivers can crash when Vanduul spawn or blow up
  • Lag in feedback and update of essential game events resulting in increasingly divergent multiplayer sync


  • Battle Royale (Crash) – While Flying (Shader)
  • Camera – After respawn character is stuck looking up
  • Vanduul Swarm (Crash) – Shortly after missile lock
  • All Maps – Occasionally, when first spawning into the maps lasers and ballistic fire is invisible but can be heard when firing – they eventually appear
  • Crash on exit after returning from DFM match
  • Character is unable to exit DFM Aurora bed if helmet is on
  • Gforce animations are not playing on the pilot in any of the ships
  • Character and parts of cockpit interior vanish while accelerating

Wow, talk about a on-going disaster. I mean if these are the no-go issues for delaying the game can you just imagine what the list of “acceptable” bugs must be like.

In some ways I really wish Roberts would just STFU, take the money and head to the Cayman Islands. At least this would be the honest way to finish off what is increasingly becoming nothing more than a joke.

I really don’t know what can be done to redeem this mess, but I have to say that if anyone puts any money into STAR CITIZEN’s funding then they are an idiot and deserve what they don’t get when this joke finally explodes in Roberts’ face.


  1. think cranky needs to forgive whoever hurt him in the past, showing major mistrust issues. may i recommend professional help..Sounds like a chicken little commercial, THE SKY IS FALLING,,learn to trust guy and maybe life will improve for you.. you have my sympathy.. do you search under your car every time you enter it,, might be a bomb fear.. GL in life but please keep you paranoia to yourself please

    • James I trust just about everyone 100% but that trust can be abused and when it is something needs to be said and questions need to be asked.

      To be clear when the Star Citizen project was announced I was all for it but over the course of its development I started to have some serious issues with it; and still do.

      The fact that I have given voice to those concerns shouldn’t be the object of a snarky comment.

      To suggest that I shouldn’t voice my concerns about what is being done with a shitload of money that people have donated (some donations being in the tens of thousands of dollar) is both wrong and close-minded.