As I was browsing the Apple app store on my iPhone 6, I came across a free Final fantasy game. At first, I thought, “No, way I’ll enjoy this, but let’s give it a go, it is free after all.”

I was extremely wrong.

To show how wrong I was, I decided I’d do my first game review on it and give it the recognition it deserves.

Free to play, the nostalgia hits you so hard with this Square Enix/DeNA Mobile game, that even the micro transactions in this game app couldn’t keep me away from playing it.

You start out as a young Record keeper with his Moogle Elder in the midst of disaster. All the records of Final Fantasy’s past are disappearing from their paintings and the underlying cause is unknown. What is known is that you, The young record keeper, must choose your weapon and dive into these painting to fight along side the heroes and characters of all the final fantasy’s that have come before.

With daily dungeons to power level and week long events to unlock characters and items, you get a decent stamina bar that regenerates by the end of a 30 minute break. Using characters that originally hail from the paintings you enter are OP’ed as well as any weapons that belong to that particular story line. You can choose to optimize and customize your party and even get 1 free daily common relic draw.

Rare relics are where your wallet might start to shed a few tears, but this game is absolutely playable without having to pay for it. So far I haven’t seen and characters cost money and as long as they keep that up, I will continue to play this game for a long time.

One of the top, on the go mobile games that might possibly redefine mobile gaming as we know it. Exciting and fast paced turn based battle system we all remember, with soul breaks for each character, and a cute story to go with them. Upgrade your weapons and spells and save the Final Fantasy Records from being lost forever.

Developer: 2014, 2015 Square Enix/DeNA

Platform: iOS and Android

Genre: Mobile/Turn-Based/JRPG

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Official Site

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