Tattoos have meant many different things for different people, and while some people still get flak for getting inked, tattoos are slowly becoming recognized for the artwork they permanently get inked on their skin.

Last week’s Tattoo Saturday brought you one of the best Popeye tats we’ve ever seen, as well as a collection of great artwork from all over the world. This week, we’re bringing you the best casino-themed tattoos ever made.

In the old days, people with visible tattoos would never be allowed to set foot in casinos, given the reputation that precedes them. Surveys showed that this had less to do with what owners and employers thought of tattoos, but more to do with how other customers might perceive them.

This was especially true in the old casinos of London, which thrived on exclusivity and enforced strict dress codes of formalwear for all their patrons. Nowadays, with people now growing more accepting of this alternative art form, we see casino operators not just relaing their policies on tattoos, but embracing them as well. Intercasino, the world’s oldest online casino, even launched a tattoo-themed slot game for one of their New Game Wednesdays earlier this year.

Tattoos continue to be quite intimidating to some people, and in a place like a casino, intimidation can be quite a big deal. Whether people get tattoos to purposefully intimidate others or just to show their love of poker, Blackjack or roulette, some artists have truly pushed the envelope when it comes to creating casino-themed tattoos.

Inked Magazine featured the work of Fabien Belveze, an artist who’s been sketching since he was 16. Belveze considers realism styling to be his strong point, and he’s worked on different kinds of tattoos. His casino-themed tattoos, however, feature prominently in his collection of work.

Other artists have also done well to create casino-themed imagery on their tattoos. Here are some of the ones that truly push the envelope:

These high rollers also have a high tolerance for pain!

Whether they’re colored or black and white, casino-themed tattoos represent an interest that’s slowly gaining traction all over the world. Pairing this with the fact that more people are now turning to tattoos to showcase their interests and hobbies, it’s not unlikely that we will, in the near future, see even more beautifully artistic casino-themed tattoos.