Wow, this week’s selection of cosplay is made up primarily of some of the classic characters we have all grown up with and have some pretty fond memories of.

There are a couple of gender-bending ones. such as our crazy Joker above by Drzumatella Cosplay (photo by Konwenty Poludniowe), but a whole lotta love, and excellent work, for the classics.


Catwoman cosplay by cortana2552 / photo by Michael Iacca

Crimson Viper cosplay by Kitsune Kid / photo by M9 Cosplay

Mystique cosplay by Kici Kici Cosplay / photo Foto Czarny

Hawkgirl cosplay by Axceleration Cosplay / photo by Pat Loika

Dark Phoenix cosplay by kirichancosplay /photo by John Jiao

Silk Spectre cosplay by deep13entertainment / photo – unknown

Alexstrasza cosplay by Tine Marie Riis / photo by SAKS

Jack Skellington cosplay by Fenski

Cosplayer unknown

Jareth the Goblin Queen cosplay by Ginny Diguiseppi

Wonder Woman cosplay by Darth Kaoru / photo by David Alvarcz

Starfire cosplay by The Doppelganger / photo – unknown

Batgirl: Red Son cosplay by KaitoEinsam / photo unknown

Liara T’Soni cosplay by Jen of Soylent Cosplay

Lissandra cosplay by Vahris / photo Gary Snow