Soma  is defined by Google as a noun in biology which is broken down with two defining statements. One, the parts of an organism other than the reproductive cells and, Two, the body as distinct from the soul, mind, or psyche.

The thoughts provoked by this story will most likely be sticking with me for years to come.

The true horrors in this game are the parts that literally make you question humanity and what the term really means. Reminding us that humanity isn’t about only peace, love, and harmony. Humanity is subjected to a universe of anomalies that test humanity and it’s very tenacity to survive.

A very deep concept for gamers to consider and what better a platform than a game to relay the distinction between your body, soul, and mind.

The mechanics of the game stay simple which, when in panic mode, become more difficult to execute. The atmosphere of Soma is digital, aquatic, and claustrophobic. It’s overall dark and murky design can catch you off guard and fighting isn’t a luxury you can afford on your mission to save what’s left of humanity.

While the game didn’t scare me as other horror games have, save for the occasional well placed atmospheric jump-scare. Soma dropped me into waves of anxiety. Plunged me deeper and deeper into a vivid hopelessness and by the end of it all, left me emotionally exhausted, regardless of how short the game felt for me.

In conclusion, Soma feels more like a story than mostly a game, but still a game in its own right. Soma will leave its mark and is a must have for horror and psychology Enthusiasts.