Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is a turn based strategy, MMO RPG.  Set in a dystopian  future Shadowrun melds cyberpunk with classic fantasy elements such as elves, dwarfs, and magic.  Lead a team of Runners  to survive a corrupt megacorporation’s plans that is threatening thousands of lives.  

As with most games of this nature you start off being able to customize your character to be almost anything you like.  Want to play a Dwarf in hot pink shots, leather jacket, and sandals?  Well in Shadowrun you can.  There are a lot of options for apparel in this title allowing for a feel of individuality that is needed in an online game.bostonlockdownsuit

Sadly the customization is the part with the most options.  The game play is broken down to 2 main portions.

First is the main hub area, this is the place you will be picking up missions, and interacting with other people like NPC shopkeepers and other players.  The second is the missions themselves.

The main hub in Lockdown is very small and very boring.  Besides a handful of shopkeepers and players, everything in the area seems cluttered  and pointless.  As for other players, Lockdown is no better off for being an online game, as others players are rarely any use outside of missions.  bostonlockdowngame

During missions you will be faced with a turn based strategy combat system that acts a lot like XCOM: Enemy Unknown.  The enemy AI for Lockdown is good and will make use of flanking, melee, and cover to try and take you down.  You must complete the missions by whatever means you can and use all your skills to survive.  The combat starts to feel repetitive after the first handful of missions as well.

Unfortunately  a lot of the skills are very bland and uninteresting as well.  All your skill and level ups are only minor upgrades for existing attributes and offer little to no variety.

Weapons fall into the same problem, as a pistol feels like an automatic, and a club feels the same as a sword.  Even with magic, it still feels the same as hacking, and summoning is just fantasy rigging.

All of this leads to everyone being able to do all of the same stuff almost, so no one person feels unique.bostonlockdownskills

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown is the MMO of the Shadowrun series.  All the other entries are single player games, and Lockdown suffers for its choice.

This title is better played as a single player experience unless you have a group of friends that also own the game.  With the need to be always online and no advantage at all for this, you are better playing one of the other entries into the Shadowrun series.


Final Verdict – Avoid