Sci-Fi Short Film HENRi Is Just …. Amazing!


Before I go any further I have to say that the sci-fi short film HENRi is one of the best I have seen in some time and it will take a lot for any future short film to oust it from my top 5 favorite list.

The short film is another great effort from Eli Sasich, who is also the writer and director behind another really good sci-fi short film I wrote about recently called ATROPA. Now as good as that short was, and worth of all the great press it has gotten I personally think that HENRi is by far a better film.

It stars Keir Dullea, who you might remember as Dr. DAvid Bowman in 2001: SPACE ODYSSEY, and Margot Kidder, of Superman fame, and tells the tale of a derelict spaceship that has become self-aware to the point that it builds itself a body.

As I watched the short film I found some rather interesting questions came to mind, such as, can an AI become insane and if it can would it even know it was insane.

If you want to watch a really well done sci-fi short I can’t recommend this one enough, I don’t think you will regret it.

thanks to io9 for posting this originally.