With Star Citizens FPS module Star Marine, being put on “hold” or “delayed” until a unknown time, some rumors have started to surface.

We have been informed by unconfirmed sources that Illfonic is suffering large layoffs and may be trying to handle the whole affair quietly.

“..Illfonic, the team responsible for the Star Marine fps module in Star Citizen, has suffered layoffs and are trying to handle it “quietly”.  I am still waiting for exact numbers, but so far sources tell me that the number could be up to 12 laid off; and that others who have been pulled off the project are being re-assigned to other Illfonic projects.”

This could very well be true coming just on the back of Executive Producer Alex Mayberry leaving.

“Cloud Imperium Games has confirmed that Star Citizen executive producer Alex Mayberry left the company in June “for personal reasons.” – PC Gamer 

We will keep updating as we learn more in the coming days and weeks.  Keep up with us on twitter for more information as it rolls in.