When it comes to geek culture there is no getting around the fact that I love superhero movies and the incredible amount of cosplay that successful, or even cult favs, can spawn.

So it should come as no surprise that one of the favorites of cosplayers has to be anything Avenger’ releated or that the world of cosplay has never been bigger than it is now. What was once a niche hobby for nerds relegated to off-brand assembly has become a staple of not only comic conventions but parties, movie premieres, and more.

The “geek have inherited the Earth” and they’re coming not just for your money at the movie theater but your fashion, games, and gadgets.

But it’s not just colourful capes and costumes for heroes making their way down the convention hall carpet; the robots are taking over too thanks in large part to that little sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, you may have heard about.

As cosplay has grown in popularity, so too has complexity fans are putting into their costumes. Elaborate armor, helmets, lighting effects, and accessories have become the name of the game as cosplayers try to top each other for hand-crafted sci-fi superiority.

What began with the resurgence in the popularity of Transformers has snowballed into a full-on phenomenon thanks to the Marvel’s Iron Man and his host of different suit styles (Hulkbuster, anyone?). Now that Ultron and his minions have been thrown into the mix, fans have a smorgasbord of cybernetic options to choose from with each new armor becoming more intricate and insane than the last. Fans looking to flex their cardboard craftiness have no shortage of cool armor options to pull from for inspiration.

The newfound popularity of the maniacal machines isn’t only taking over the comic convention and your local cinema. It’s now staking a claim for your favorite games from the slots to the Playstation.

The unstoppable LEGO video game franchise is taking on the Avengers this year while giving fans a chance to go toe to toe with their adamantium adversary in all its quirky plastic glory. And LEGO aren’t the only ones getting in on the action. As you can see on Betfair’s casino site, this platform has begun offering Marvel-themed spins on all your favourite games of chance featuring all the classic Marvel heroes. And yes, among them is none other than the invincible Iron Man. Now, fans of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can try to make it rich like billionaire Tony Stark, hit the tables with the force of the Incredible Hulk, swing in with Spider-Man, or keep it in the family with the Fantastic Four.

While they might be the good guys it has become abundantly clear that the Marvel Universe has its sights set on world domination and looks to be achieving its goal.

With this massive buzz surrounding these amazing automatons, it’s a good time to be a nerd, especially those with stock in Stark Industries. Who knows? Maybe this summer’s Terminator: Genisys will keep the streak alive. It may even restore the chromed-out glory of the grim and gritty anti-hero as the T-800 and T-1000 battle it out one more time.

Sometimes, you have to send a machine to do a man’s job. However, one thing’s for sure, when the robots start to rumble, the real winner is always the audience.