With web series Man at Arms on YouTube, we get a look into how modern day Blacksmiths create masterpieces and we love watching it.  But for someone like myself, I wanted more than just to watch, I wanted to get in the forge and craft amazing weapons too.

Well now we can, Weapon Shop de Omasse for the 3DS is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

In WSdO, you are an apprentice blacksmith working in a shop that rents weapons to adventurers for their quests and to help push back the return of the Evil Lord.  And yes, I said rent!.

The rental idea is focused on adventurer orders, crafting the weapons, deciding the “best fit” for said adventurer, and renting it out.  While the adventurer is off on their quest, you can follow their progress with a twitter-like feed (Called Grindcast) that comes from a device installed into all of your weapons (for security reasons of course).

As for crafting the weapons themselves, this is done through a rhythm mini-game, where you tap the hot iron in time with the music and according icons along the top of the screen.  I honestly prefer this option, as it keeps you involved throughout the process, and helps with the Blacksmithing immersion.

How well you create the weapon is determined on how well you do with the mini-game, tap off time, or even miss the hot iron, and you will lose bonus stat points on the weapon being created.


The adventurers were one of my favorite parts of this game, as they’re a great mix of character archetypes, even if you include the “Random NPC” guys, who were simply just the same character model with slight differences.

Some of the main characters, like the valiant knight, the grandmother who defeated the Evil Lord before (Tempest Keep was just a setback!), a down-on-his-luck samurai, and a behemoth of a man…in drag.  All of these characters have great stories throughout the game, which helps you feel motivated to create your best work for them.

Now, I couldn’t go any further here without mentioning that this game is hilarious at times, and at the very least chuckle worthy at others.  The game is riddled with pop-culture references, one-liners and a touch of slapstick comedy.

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I had a fun time with this little gem, and I definately reccomend it if you have any interest in blacksmithing, have a 3DS, or if you’re just tired of being the hero doing all the killing, and would rather be the guy supplying them the weapons they need.