Alright, it’s time to get down to some nitty-gritty policy type stuff so just know that if you find this kind of stuff boring and pointless may I point you back to the main page and some great posts and videos that you can watch.

This kind of a necessary evil of the writing/reviewing business because if you don’t state this kind of crap right up front you can be sure that some twit on the InterWebs will make a point of whining about you on social media.

First up our Advertising Policy.

None of this stuff here can happen without some sort income coming in to pay the bills and keep the lights on. This means that CrankyGamers will accept advertising, and while we will sincerely try not to over do it, understand that at this point in time that is the major revenue stream for the site.

One other way that we will be looking to increase the revenue flow will be to utilize the Amazon Associates program by linking back to Amazon with affiliates links to games. The reality is that we make very, very little when it comes to this type of revenue stream but like everything in life, every little bit helps.

While these are the typical forms of maintaining a revenue stream we will also more than willingly accept donations (which you can make via Our Support Us page) of any size, and you can be assured that any monies donated will go towards maintaining the site and making it one of the best gaming sites around.

Now Our Game Review Policy

First up – this policy will constantly be in a state of flux but the simple part is this. To all you game publishers and developers out there you can’t buy a positive review here on CrankyGamers.

In fact if you try you will probably be called out on it publically (and I do know how to use social media very well). That said CrankyGamers will endeavor at all times to purchase the games that it reviews.

There will be times however when a publisher or developer does provide us with a game to review but it will be with the explicit understanding that CrankyGamers is not beholden to them, nor will it affect our written opinion of the game.

Another big difference between a CrankyGamer’s game review and other game sites is that we will not be using a points or star rating system. The review will be our honest opinion and thoughts about the game with the final judgement being a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down. Nothing more, nothing less.

It will also be plainly stated that this is our opinion only and YMMV when it comes to you actually playing the game.