PHOENIX 9 Might Be A Debut Sci-Fi Film But It’s An Extremely Well Done Short Film


The other day I got an email from a fledgling writer & producer by the name of Peer Gopfrich who thought that Geek Dimensions would be interested in seeing, and sharing, a sci-fi short film project called PHOENIX 9. I have to say, I am really glad he did.

Peer, along with fellow German, Amir Reichart (director and editor), are the talented people behind the project which tells the tale of a nuclear war apocalypse and a small group of survivors as they head across country to a supposed colony. Along the way they come across a secret installation that may provide some salvation; but not without a very big catch.

For an inaugural short film project I think that Peer and Amir have done a hell of a great job of bringing to life the characters and the effect of their travels on them, and of course the choices they have to make. This is definitely one that I could see being fleshed out to a major motion picture (you listening Hollywood?).

Check out the film for yourself and let us know what you think of it.