It was announced just a few days ago, that P.T., a playable trailer done by Konami, Kojima, and Guillermo del Toro had worked on together, has been taken down as of yesterday.

Delivering a decadence of horror we haven’t seen in the game industry for a long time. My heart sank through the floor as I listened to MundaneMatt’s Youtube blurb about, how in just a few days time, my ability to play the trailer would be stripped from me forever; and the sting lingers like a ghost, taunting me with haunting visuals and let’s plays.

Word around is that Konami and Kojima had bad blood, and with Konami’s pulling out from the New York Stock Exchange, I can only speculate their involvement with the Casino’s will lead them in new directions beyond Metal Gear Solid.

Guillermo, Reedus, Konami, and Kojima, one by one confirmed the end for what seemed the most anticipated Horror game of all time. Those with the downloaded content have turned to eBay, looking to make a big buck on the interactive trailer pulled from the PlayStation store.

Ever since Silent Hill 2, I have been waiting for a Silent Hill like this, something that absolutely played on the most primal of fears, imagery that dug deep to force fear to the surface. The sheer anxiety I watch others experience as they played P.T. was an experience I couldn’t wait for.

That longing and strong desire I have for Silent Hill certainly stem from only the first and second games in the SH series, but it is a strong desire snuffed out by cooperate survival and chess-like maneuvers that permeate the thoughts “we don’t care.”

Konami might not care that they could have brought horror games to the next level for the industry, but my hopes for this game remain intact, I would love to see Kojima and Guillermo find some way to work together again and create this direful masterpiece that could have been. I for one, don’t feel I can ever forgive Konami for this one. These actions, and because of who was involved on this team, led to the loss my trust and faith, entirely.

What should have been the most gruesome and gloomy game of all time, will now serve as a small, cold, sepulcher. The incorporeal being just beyond the grasp of horror survivalists everywhere, for a long, long time.