Over the past few weeks, as alot of you might be aware of, Bashur of Bashurverse a well known Minecrafter had undergone some radically stressful events. This past month we have watched Bashur drag himself through the mud only to be hurt further as KeemStar claimed pity for Basher only after having slandered his name the previous week. Communication is gooooooooooood!

This even brought to my attention that click bait propaganda of Youtube/The Internet works. People, despite what they say, lap drama up with silver spoons and a side of popcorn.

Now Bashurverse and his lady ClaraBabyLegs came back together to, lay out on the table, what the fame of the situation has done to them and how they plan to rise above the drama.

Fame has a way of taking the personal lives of people and dragging them out into the open. The experiences of Clara and Bashur has shown me that no matter how gritty the situations get, open communication is the secret to overcoming the Loud voices of the internet. Bashur takes this oppurtunity to raise money for AbleGamers Foundation, and in a odd way, Tasing Clara and then himself. Tasing is painful.

Keemstar lured Bashur to his youtube channel for a charity cause as well, using the misfortune of this man for a good cause, called Gamers Outreach; which is a foundation that sends wheeled gaming karts into hospitals to give kids something to do while going through treatments.

Now, this all leaves me feeling a bit odd. What lengths we would go to just to raise money for a good cause?

It all seems to be very Robin hood-esk.

In the light of these events, I am shaken by the sheer amount of propganda used to raise this money, yet humbled that these charities are being donated to and considered. Despite the title of my article, I don’t consider Keemstar “evil” for knowing what to give his audience either.

What lengths would you go to to raise money to help those less fortunate?

Where do you draw the line?

I’m not sure I would honestly be any less ruthless if it came down to it.

This entire event has really opened my eyes to what people will watch, say, and do to others, and themselves in the name of helping others.

I admire Bashur and Clara for rising above the fray and planning to stick this out together. Finding strength after what they went through is commendable and can give us all a little ray of hope in our own lives to stay strong.

Stay Epic and Game on <3