Wow, things have been kind of hectic around here lately what with a major client job (you know, the one that they come to you and say – this needed to be done last week do you think you can do it – ya that type of job) and just real life in general; but I’m trying to get back in the flow and what better way than with some awesome cosplay.

There are two really awesome cosplays this week in the collection and ones that I will definitely try to post some more about over the next few days. For now though enjoy the show and try and figure out which two I am talking about then let me know your picks in the comments.

Harley Quinn Cosplayer: Unknown || Photographer: Unknown

Catwoman Cosplayer: Its Raining Neon || Photographer: Unknown

Cylon Centurion Cosplayer: Kendall Bailey || Photographer: Sara Hiller Photography

Darius Cosplayer: JynxedArt || Photographer: JeproxShots

Destiny Exo Hunter Cosplayer: redner || Photographer: Unknown

Roller Derby Nova Cosplayer: vellie || Photographer: Unknown

Katarina Cosplayer: Kitsurie || Photographer: Costographer

Morrigan Cosplayer: Nebulaluben || Photographer: Jesus Clares

Flemeth Cosplayer: Braith Cosplay || Photographer: SNTP

Kallen Kozuki Cosplayer: SarinaAmazon || Photographer: Mellefuille

Rocket Raccoon Cosplayer: Shoko & Jerome Cosplay || Photographer: CG Pictures

And for an added bonus as my way of saying thanks for checking CrankyGamers out, or just sticking with us here is a pretty cool video of the recent NEKOCON 2014 event.