When I first heard about Star Citizen I wanted to rush in and add my name to the growing backers list but not having a credit card I wasn’t able to; and really that might have saved me from getting sucked into the hype like a lot of people have.

I have been following this project since it was first announced through their crowdfunding efforts that started in October 2012 and have always wanted the best for it but over the last little while I am seriously beginning to doubt the whole project.

Every time I thought we might see something actually see something released that we could play we just got an announcement that yet another stretch goal had been reached and that there was now a new stretch goal for backers to toss some money at.

Understand, we aren’t talking about spare change here, we are talking about millions and millions of dollars flowing into the coffers of Chris Roberts and we have nothing more than a few fancy videos to show for the money. It even got to the point after he announced that Star Citizen had reached a $42 million goal that I wrote a post calling for him to quit with the bullshit PR and just give us the game.

Then came the news that he would be showing off some actual gameplay video at PAX East and everyone got excited. Hopes were raised that this was going to be the best thing to happen to gaming and that finally we would have a solid date to grab a hold of as to when the official launch would be; maybe even at PAX East.

What did the people actually get – a failed gameplay demo that did nothing to make anyone feel better about the game. In fact it was so bad that Chris Roberts and RSI had to put together a patched up video online for people to watch.

Now today we have news that Star Citizen has reached the $43 million dollar stretch goal and marching towards $44 and $45 million; and still we have nothing more than PR marketing spin to justify the continuing push for more cash.

So instead of farming for money and raising the hopes of the people who believed in the Star Citizen dream I think we need to stop and start asking RSI and Chris Roberts just what is going on. Where is the game. When will we actually get a game. Even only a game that even only delivers a part of what has been promised would be better than nothing.

At what point does the fanboi-ism come to its senses and start pressing Roberts for some serious answers to be questions about the game; because this whole thing is starting to strike me as nothing more than a video game ponzi scheme. The reality is if this is that, or that the project for whatever reason doesn’t finally deliver everything as promised the effect on the gaming scene; and crowdfunding, will be incredible.

It might not be a catastrophic effect but there is no doubt that there will a detrimental to the industry and that scares the hell out of me. I truly hope that I am wrong, and if I am I will say so; but right now, I have a really bad feeling in my gut that this game is going ot explode like a nova and the effects will ripple through both the game industry and crowdfunding scene.


  1. So much time passed since I wrote this. Every once in a while I come back to read it. CR just pack up your shit and go.