As we all start to get back into the day to day grind that always follows the Christmas and New Years holiday season I thought, what better way to end off the first Monday of the new year than with some really well done cosplay.

With everything from Cersei to the Winter Soldier I think you will agree that these cosplayers have done a hell of a great job, and I personally look forward to another great year of cosplay awesomeness, which I will be sure to share with you all right here on GeekD.


Cersei cosplayed by Nathalie T / photos by: Lexa One

Sparkly Batgirl cosplay by Stella Chuu

Blood Moon Akali cosplayed by Giulietta Zawadzki / photo by Kevin Hennequin

Black Widow cosplayed by Genevieve Marie / photo by Eurobeat Kasumi

Lady Sif cosplayed by Kathrine Zan

BlackCat cosplay by itsrainingneon

Queen Mera cosplayed by Tyfani Minx / photo by Alvin Johnson

Dark Elf Sorceress cosplayed by Captain Izzy / photo by Lexa One

Batgirl cosplayed by BevanMaria

World of Warcraft Valeera Sanguinar cosplayer unknown / photo by David Ngo

Valla cosplayed by First Keeper / photo by Eurobeat Kasumi

Domino cosplay by Sahia / photo by Devils Fotos

Winter Soldier cosplay by necroticnymph / photo by Michael Iacca

Demon Hunter cosplay by Stephanie van Rijn and Crusader cosplay by Chris Lambert

Dark Lord Ganondorf cosplay by elyrenae / photo by Emily Smith