Yes, I have been a little lax in posting but I have also been really hard at work getting the shows I do on streamlined and at the point where all the backend stuff is done so I can just concentrate on broadcasting.

That point should be reached very soon but in the meantime I will try and return to a more regular posting routine here at GeekD and what better way to start than with a damn fine collection of cosplay, and a couple bonus videos for you to enjoy.

Scarlet Witch cosplayed by peppermonster

Karena LesProux cosplayed by OscuroLupo|| Photo by Outoftheboxphotoworks

Catwoman II cosplayed by EnchantedCupcake

Mystique cosplayed by NadyaSonika || Photo by Ignacio Mendoza Fotographia

Pirate version of Poison cosplayed by Elena Blueskies || Photo by Jaycee Estrella

Hawkgirl cosplayed by Tify Diamond || Photo by Long Tai-yang

Loki cosplayed by Silhouette Cosplay – Fem!Loki cosplayed by Eldritch Arts || Photo by myrddin-emrys

Tank Girl cosplayed by Erin Lei || Photo by GregRon Geeks

The Nuntress cosplayed by Mostflogged

Kei Yuki cosplayed by NikitaCosplay

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter cosplayed by Margothia Cosplay || Photo by Aka Maple

WoW Warrior cosplayed by Yuks General || Photo by Estrada Photography

Bonus Goodness