Etherium, a new futuristic real-time strategy game developed by Tindalos Interactive, and right off the bat, I have to say, this is a solid RTS game with a bit of turn-based strategy thrown in.

From the official website for Etherium

“In Etherium, three empires are engaged in a merciless struggle to control a handful of planets that contain rich deposits of etherium, a mysterious resource coveted by all. In the multiplayer or solo campaign modes, you lead one of these three factions, each with its own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, technologies and special abilities, and engage in titanic battles to gain total control of the etherium!”

As mentioned, you can play as one of three factions, The Consortium, The Intari and The Vectides.

The Consortium is the “human” option, and is spear-headed by a huge capitalistic board of shareholders (who got their power through very shady practices).

The Intari are one of the two alien races, who are a race of warrior prophets with the capability to predict, and even control weather effects (like volcanic eruptions, sandstorms and more).

The Vectides are (at least story-wise) are more technologically advanced than their counterparts, and all their units mobilized don’t use “pilots” like the other races, sort of like how we have people remote piloting drones in the military today.

As for the RTS portion of Etherium, I love it. It’s not focused on zerg rushing, which I really enjoy. It tends to be a better choice to have a variety of unit types as opposed to massive armies (each unit built is actually a squad instead of a single unit in this case). Building units to counter your enemy is critical, for example, the opposing faction focused on air attacks, so building Anti-Air units is beneficial.

The RTS ideal is simple, build an army, expand forward and capture sectors of the map to expand your reach and grasp of Etherium (The game’s single resource) and dominate your enemy. There are also three Mercenary factions to either destroy them, or decide to hire them (through a reputation system) to gain use of their units to aid in your fight.

In the Campaign mode, you also play through a turn-based portion, where you command your fleet(s) to conquer territories, and battle the enemy factions. Capturing territories gain you additional resources, like a boost to how much Etherium you start each RTS match with, Tech points and reputation boosts.

The Tech Points you earn in each round of the Campaign can be used to purchase upgrades in the Tech tree which will give you access to stronger units, buildings/turrets in the RTS portions, and the ability to create more fleets in the Turn-Based portion.

Overall, this game looks, sounds and feels amazing, and the RTS portions of the game have me feeling a bit nostalgic of the Command & Conquer series and how much fun I had with them. If you loved C&C, Supreme Commander or just love the RTS genre in general, you’re going to love this game with it’s unique mix.

You can Etherium on Steam right here