“Enter the futuristic year of 1984, an age where ducks run wild in a frantic battle for glory. Win over the crowd and gain a following by blasting your feathered friends with Shotguns, Net Guns, Mind Control Rays, Saxophones, Magnet Guns, and pretty much anything else a duck could use as a weapon. One hit and you’re roasted. This is DUCK GAME. Don’t blink.” – Duck Game Steam page

Duck Game is brought to us by publisher Adult Swim Games and developer Landon Podbielski.  This game is the most fun I have had around ducks since Darkwing Duck cartoon, and Duck Game is a quack too…I mean gem.

Duck Game is a 2D platformer with really tight controls and an addictive single player mode that you will find yourself playing for hours just trying to shave that few seconds off your best times.  duck game kaboom

The single player has many game types like chainsaw racing, and kill everything mode, along with many others.

But wait, that’s not all.


Yes, multiplayer is also available for all your friend quacking needs, I mean friend bashing needs.

How did he dodge that?!
How did he dodge that?!


Don’t forget hats. Duck game has all the hats you could want to make your murderous mallard look as awesome as you want.

so many choices
so many choices

With a catchy soundtrack that will propel you back to the arcade days as you rock out, and an art style that reminds me of Mega Man and other greats of that time, this is a great quack, I mean experience . duck game arcade

Duck Game is charming, fun, and has a lot to offer.  Grab some friends for a few rounds of mayhem, that will turn into hours of loving to hate each other.

Final Verdict – Highly recommended, especially with friends