CLOUDRISE Is An Amazing Short Film You Should Enjoy!


As I was going through the little bit of backlog of video shorts to see what was worth sharing with you, which most weren’t, I came across what has to be one of the more beautifully done animated short films.

I love the art style of CLOUDRISE and the story is just as heartwarming as the animation is beautiful and tells the story of a couple living above the clouds and what they have to do to stay together.

Set in a fantasy world above the clouds, Cloudrise follows a pivotal moment in the lives of two lovers as they face a great challenge. Watch as Miko and Tenku fight to survive an attack on their new airship and take the necessary measures to help each other. Hold on to your seat as you witness how far someone is willing to go to rescue the one they love. This is an action-packed short film that ties together various fantasy/science fiction influences. via Vimeo

Hopefully you enjoy this as much as I did.