As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements.

Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate… and escape! – Steam store page


Ark: Survival Evolved is, as it says in the title, a survival game. With a metric ton of survival games on the market now you have to do something to set yourself apart from the pack, and Ark has this in spades.

From the moment you wake up on the island you are hit with a survival game feeling and familiarity; and when you take a moment to look around, you see a beautiful landscape.

The sound team did top notch work, as at night, you will find yourself wanting your torch out just to see what made that sound in the bush next to you.


As stated before, the game play in Ark is a survival game style of collect resources and become self sufficient enough to explore.

Ark only brings a handful of changes to the norm in this regard with additions like Agriculture, and temperature affects; and as such, Ark may feel very like other games of this genre.

Ark’s building mechanic reminds me a lot of early days of when Rust was becoming good, only far more in depth with more things to be able to craft.

Now if only Ark can add a few more features to the base building. Proper roofing would look great.

now THAT is a view!

Where Ark really takes off and runs it’s own path is the Lore, and of course, the addition of dinosaurs, most of which can be tamed.

Many different types of dinosaurs can serve as mounts and pack animals, or hunting companions and defense.  Not much is known about the lore at the moment and will be revealed as clues around the island.

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In Ark you will find yourself not wanting to PVP for the simple fact that the wild life alone is more deadly then most players and working together is far more beneficial thanks to the Tribe system.

The Tribe system allows you to set up you own tribe with your friends, giving an each other an experience boost when working together in an area, as well as tribe access to each other’s places.

Ark: Survival Evolved is brought to us by Studio Wildcard, and launched on Steam Early Access on June 2. However it was definitely not without its share of problems on launch.

Thankfully Studio Wildcard is a very dedicated developer and within the first week had rolled out enough patches to make any AAA title weep.

I would jokingly say that the evolved portion was surviving the staggering amount of patches coming out, one day they released 8 patches, 2 of them over 240mb.


My hat is off to Studio Wildcard  for using Early Access to the fullest with constant support and taking player feedback seriously.

Is this game without problems now?


It still is in Early Access and will still need a lot of work, especially with optimization for lower end PC users. As it stands right now there are still also connection issues, as well as other beta bugs, crashes, and just plain weird things happening.


However given Studio Wildcard’s already quick response the whole Ark experience has left me and many others hopeful for the best though.

That being said though, do not invest in this game thinking that it is complete or even close, as the release date is in 2016.

Final Verdict – Recommend / keep a very close eye on


ARK: Survival Evolved Early Access [Online Game Code]

Features: Tame, Train, & Ride Dinosaurs, in a living ecosystem!, Manage Food, Water, Temperature, and weather!, Harvest, Build Structures, Paint Items, Plant, Farm, and Grow, Build a Tribe, Explore, and Discover the mysteries of the ARK!

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