AMBITION Is A Freakin’ Awesome Sci-Fi Short Film


Normally when celebrate a momentous event the last thing you would think of doing is to create a fantastic science fiction short film; but that is just ESA (European Space Agency) has done to celebrate a successful Rosetta Mission.

The mission ahead of them was to be able to first meet up with a comet hurtling through space and then to land a probe on that comet. As we head into a successful landing of that second part, ESA has released this sci-fi short film titled AMBITION; which stars Aidan Gillen, who is famous for another great role of his as Littlefinger from the Game of Thrones television series.

This definitely rates as one of my favorite sci-fi short films of the year and I would love to see this as a stepping stone to an actual movie.

As an added bonus here is the Making of AMBITION for you to enjoy as well.