Age of Wonders 3 is a 4X strategy game in a fantasy setting.  4X stands for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.  Eternal Lords is the newest expansion for this amazing title brought to you by Triumph Studios

As in all 4x games you will be managing your empire, build armies, find allies, and wipe out your enemy’s cities.  Where Age of wonders is different is it’s focus on the combat system, and the simplifying of the micro management of your nation.

In other 4X games such as Civilization 5 you will need to build things like farms and rock quarries.  In AoW 3 these nodes are already on the map allowing you to focus on your armies and building up your cities.

In AoW 3 the real meat of the game is in the combat system.  When you enter a battle you will be taken into a strategic battle screen where you will take place in a turn based battle were you will be able to control each unit type you have in that particular army.  Armies may have up to 6 different units and  you can have up to 5 armies attack at once.


One of my favorite features is the ability to great you own custom leader. allowing you to choose a combination of race and class gives a unique strategy to each time you play.

There are 9 races, 6 in the base game, 1 added with the Golden Realms expansion, and 2 added with Eternal Lords.

Eternal Lords adds the Tigrans and the Frostlings, each with there own unique likes and dislikes.  Both races as well add new unit types and new mechanics that will help you best your enemies.  One such is the Frostling Ice Scrapers have a chance to freeze a unite for one turn in the combat faze.


The new class is the Necromancer, and that brings the class count up too 7.  The Necromancer is the master of the undead.  This class will allow you to use units even in death by raising them back up.

A great bit of fun is using the enemy dead to bolster you own troops.


I have very little to say about this game that is bad.  One issue I ran into was when installing the expansion there was an error, and the expansion did not load fully, even though steam said it had.

This resulted in me having to fully uninstall and reload the full game again.  Other then that issue the game has been a true joy to revisit.

I honestly recommend this expansion to anyone and with a base game so well crafted, I can say that if you wanted a little more of a combat focused 4x game this is the title for you.

Final verdict – worth every cent.