About CG

What to say about CrankyGamers?

Well, do you like gaming?

Do you like geek culture?

Well, I do, and since I have gotten fed up with the whole “regurgitation” of news that happens all over the web these days I have decided to move this site into more of my own personal repository of things that I find cool.

At least when it comes to gaming and the parts of geek culture like cosplay, tattoos, lifestyle, and let’s not forget some of the fantastic short films that are being created all the time.

Oh, and lets not forget the funny and WTF shit that happens in the world around us on a daily basis.

This change, and road forward will not be everyone’s cup of tea; but that’s okay because what I am doing on Twitch and now here is a celebration of the things that I am enjoying in life.

However if you want to tag along for the ride I can tell you this. When it comes to gaming, any reviews and opinions, anything you read here will be an honest opinion and will never be available to the highest bidder.

In short this is my site for enjoying all the awesomeness that is our gaming and geek cultures, hopefully you will enjoy your time here.