Well, this sure takes the old saying living under a rock and puts it in a whole new, and very cool, light.

What you are seeing here is the result of a project in Costa de Morte, Spain, by Ensamble Estudio in collaboration with Ricardo Sanz and Javier.

The 25 square meter “home” is a very minimalist style vacation home that includes a raised platform bed, modest bath area, and a built-in fireplace; oh and let’s not forget the view.

To create this fantastic, and very unique, getaway the designers took a very long and tedious approach which entailed digging a hole in the ground and blocking out the interior space with bales of hay. Once that was done they poured concrete around the bales which was covered by topsoil to bury their work and let it dry.

This was repeated a couple more times until they had the exact “rock” formation that they wanted and once that was completed the rock was exhumed from the ground. To remove the hay bales they truly went the natural route and let a calf named Paulina spend the next year eating the hay to clear the room area.

All in all I have to say that the resulting rock home is very cool.

via My Modern Met