Hello Readers:

My name is Jeitoh and I am 32 years old living near Hamilton Ontario.  I have been gaming for 30 years starting at the age of 2 with table top games like chess and video games such as Mario, Duck Hunt, Tetris, and pc games as well. 

The name Jeitoh  I came up with after reading a book series called the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and it stood for honor and obligation.  Funny thing is, the correct spelling would be Ji E Toh, but someone had taken that spelling when I wanted it so I reversed the I, and the E.

My favorite game of all time I would go with Final Fantasy Tactics.  It filled a time in my life that was very hard and very dark.  After that my tastes are all over the board, but one thing is a common theme, if I can I will usually try to Min / Max and get the best results while still having fun.

I love gaming and the entire geek culture, from comic books to trading card games like Magic The Gathering.  I have had some sort of game in my life for 30 years.  In all these years I have seen gaming grow and truly take on a life of its own.  I have also watched the market and I try to not fan boy over any one company, as I have seen a lot that makes me want to watch out for the consumer.

I am so excited to be writing for crankygame.com and to be a common co-host on late night with cranky and friends.  Cranky has built an amazing community and is the first person to give me a shot and support what I want to do.

It could not have happened at a better time.  I was at a really low point and my best friend came to me and said I should check out 2 streamers DizzyDizaster and Cranky.  I did and loved what I saw with both streams.  When Cranky brought me on to do articles I was ecstatic and the community has been wonderful, accepting, giving me new hope.

My hope is to give everyone who loves gaming, or anything from the geek world,  a place to talk, and a place to get information about games they want so they can make an informed decision.  I want to look at the issues of the industry from all angles.

Thank you to everyone who takes time to read what we do here.  I will continue to push myself to create better content in both writing and in other future  projects.  see you around and game on.

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32 years old, online personality, and writer for crankygamers.com. I often can be found co-hosting on late night with cranky and friends, and hope to push my writing and video content further as I go. My goal is to help anyone who wants to game make informed decision and to encourage open discussion about gaming and all of geek culture.